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    Sunday, June 24, 2007

    "It's been a nice ride..."

    "...but now I'm gonna have to shoot your horse"...

    You know I dont even know if anyone out there still reads this dinosaur of a blog anymore, but if you do and you've been waiting for a post I do apologize for the lack of notification that I will no longer be blogging. Well at least for now, and at least not as Jake Commando.

    So, this is my official sign off from this blog, and should I return I will certainly let all of you know. As for an update on my life... Well, I officially donned the Green Beret in April of this year after finishing language school successfully in Arabic, and then completing the final training exercise known as Robin Sage. I've been assigned to 5th Special Forces Group at Ft. Campbell, KY and am looking forward to joining my new team and deploying ASAP. All is well.

    I will still continue to receive email at the address on this site, so feel free to keep in touch. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the great debates, and getting to know all of you. I will continue to read your blogs when I can, but as you know, my time is no longer my own.

    Your truly,
    Jake Commando