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    Thursday, July 14, 2005

    One Liberal has a Crush on Mohammed

    ***** The Link to the cover story photo, and article on Huffington's blog is no longer available. I could not find it in the search bar on her site either, and even tried to get the photo from the London paper that published it. However, there is a subscription fee for archive privileges so I passed. If any of you find it or one similar to the phot0 let me know so I can repost it. Thanks, Rick (Edited July 16th)****

    On Arianna Huffington's blog today, one heading for the London Bomber story reads...

    "London Suspects Were Charming, Athletic, Educated…"

    What am I supposed to try to relate to them? Hey I've been known as "Charming, Athletic, and Educated", does that make me like them?

    I don't get it! How can liberals always try to make terrorists out to be some kind of "really nice guys who just had a bad day".

    The London media in the article of this magazine cover attempts to portray these guys as normal and even likeable young men. Yes, they have personalities, yes, they have friends, but yes- they were evil murderers, yes I used the word evil. I mean these guys bombed innocent civilians which means men, women, and children, indiscriminately. Then they go on to ask what led these sweet, innocent, and regular young men to commit such atrocities. HELLO!!!!

    I bet later this week they'll eventually blame the British govt or their favorite, GW Bush and their aggressive posture towards terrorism. Yes, I predict it now- liberals always acknowledge that what terrorists do is wrong, but later (when the emotional smoke clears) say "but it wasn't their fault- it was our policies, or our society's lack of tolerance", or some bunch of crap like that.

    Bottom line- there is no being nice to these people, SO STOP! They are not Westerners in their views of Warfare. They are not Westerners in their beliefs about God. These men are fighting an Islamic Jihad, a holy war. We don't understand this because, we have no reference point other than the Crusades hundreds of years ago. We, on the other hand, are fighting a "political" and "ideological" war. And in fighting these wars it doesn't help when the media tries to make the average Joe sitting on his couch playing Xbox or watching TV sympathetic to our enemies.

    They are the enemy (not our friend). They want to kill us, not me by the way (the military), but YOU- the average mom, dad, or the little girl holding your hand as you cross a street on your way to a bus station while a "Charming, Athletic, and Educated" young Mohammed Hussein Moussai Al Zar-Qaeda waits in anticipation so he can blow himself up, kill you, and receive his reward of five virgins from Allah once he reaches heaven- because this is the pinnacle of good deeds that he can do while on Earth. (I would think giving up his life to save you from being hit by oncoming traffic would be more appropriate).

    And of course, they want to detroy our way of life (we are perverted infidels- remember?).

    So, American Liberals- you keep fighting for these guys' so called "rights" at Gitmo, while the British fight for the rights of Radical Islamic clerics to preach hell, fire, and "suicide bombing" of innocent civilians. Yeah keep it up, I'm sure it'll help somehow.

    Is there one story out there that portrays these men for what they are?


    At 7/14/2005 3:29 PM, Anonymous Beverly said...

    I would consider myself a liberal, and I don't think of terrorists as "nice guys who had a really bad day." They are evil, yes, I agree. And I think it's rather insulting to people who were hurt and killed (and their families) to say that the terrorists were "charming," "talented," whatever. I mean, they just killed a bunch of innocent people!

    On the other hand, I DO wonder how they got to the point they're at. They weren't born with the desire to bomb innocent people. At some point they probably were average Joes until they met up with whomever converted them or persuaded them to be evil. What is that process? Is everyone susceptible to it? What is that weak point -- protection of one's family? It's the same thing I wonder about when it comes to the Holocaust. In high school we learned that many of the guards in concentration camps, many of the people who gassed innocent people to death, were well-educated, liked to read Shakespeare, were "good" parents, etc. What led them to follow Hitler? Same kind of thing in communist China. During the Cultural Revolution, what led people to beat up their teachers, their parents, their neighbors for simply owning a book or supposedly having an anti-Maoist thought?

    This is not to say that I think we should be protecting the rights of terrorists -- I certainly don't think that. But from a purely psychological perspective, I'd like to know what happens on the journey from the mastermind to the person who carries out the act of terror. Because we're all humans -- maybe I'm seeking reassurance that I or the people I know would never be like that? Or maybe I'm just curious at how a fellow human being could become evil.

    Anyway, just some thoughts. :)

    At 7/15/2005 12:11 PM, Blogger momma of 2 said...

    This is why every night, when I tuck my two children in bed, we say a prayer asking God to protect the men and women who are working so hard to protect us from the terrorists. And every chance I get I thank our soliders, and our veterans for making it possible for me to be free.

    What those liberals are forgetting is that they couldn't be liberals, protestors, or whatever, if you (the military) didn't protect those rights for them. So thank you for being in the armed forces, thank you for being brave, for being a part of the big picture that keeps my backyard safe, that will enable my children to grow up in a free country. Hopefully the liberals don't mess it up too much for them.

    At 7/15/2005 12:38 PM, Anonymous Beverly said...

    I'd just like to point out that not all liberals are against the military (and navy and other service people). My husband, Johnny, and I are both very, very grateful for what you all do to protect us and, as mommaof2 pointed out, all that you sacrifice to give us the freedom to go about our daily lives. I would venture to say that even most liberals hold this attitude -- but it's the crazy ones that get the attention. Sure, there are certain things about the current administration that I'm not a big fan of, but when push comes to shove, I will speak in defense of my country, and I will always be in support of our troops.

    In my mind, it's like this. I love my parents, and I'll speak up for them, strongly, if someone insults them or says something bad about them. But that doesn't mean I agree with them unilaterally, or that there aren't things about them that I'd like to change. I'll bring those things up to them, do what I can to effect the change, but if they decide to go forward doing something I don't agree with, well, they're still my parents and I still love them.

    Sorry, Rick, I know this has strayed away from your original post, but I couldn't resist saying something. And now I'm done being cheerleader for the liberals -- something I'm not qualified to do in the first place, because my political knowledge is not deep at all. :)

    At 7/15/2005 12:43 PM, Blogger Jake said...


    I will respond soon. I'm still mulling over your comments. Very thought provoking, and I appreciate the fire.

    to be continued...

    At 7/15/2005 3:04 PM, Anonymous Beverly said...

    Uh-oh. Fire? :) I certainly didn't mean to pose a challenge. In any case, I look forward to your response!

    (Meanwhile, side note to Christina: I am sure you're enjoying this! :))

    At 7/15/2005 9:42 PM, Anonymous Dave Wells said...


    Good post. I'm reminded of all of the WWII home movies of the smiling Adolf Hitler playing with his dog. I wonder how the modern media would portray him - "He's a dog person - Can't be all bad!"

    Beverly asks some good questions. How do these people turn out the way they are? Obviously, they are seduced by an evil vision of what the world should be like. In their case, it really is Islamic domination of the West. These killers were raised in the West, they were not poor or uneducated, they were not personally oppressed. And yet they came to despise the very society in which they lived, and from which they benefited. Why? Because it was un-Islamic. Their view of paradise on earth was Afganistan under the Taliban.

    We should make no mistake. We cannot reason with these people, or appease them, or negotiate with them. As they have told us, they love death more than we love life. They will not rest until the Western world is powerless against the tide of Islam. (I am not speaking here of the "moderate Muslims" who want to live at peace with us - but the lunatic, extremist, fundamentalist fringe is growing).

    Western civilization, especially in Europe, had better wake up. It's a matter of cultural survival.

    Dave Wells


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