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    Monday, July 11, 2005

    4th Navy SEAL body found

    Navy SEAL is found...

    In response to this article, I say thank you Lord that we were able to recover the body of the fourth SEAL, and bring closure for the family. My fellow Spec Op Medic classmates (which includes us, SEALS, and Marine Recon guys) and I have been following this story closely. Our greatest concern was if this operator was still evading, and surviving, or if he had indeed been captured. If captured, we were concerned if another barbaric, and cowardly beheading had taken place as was claimed by one of those "Al Qaeda spokesman on the web".

    Have any of you actually seen one of these beheadings? I wouldn't encourage the faint of heart to take a look, but it certainly sheds some new light on who or better- what we are fighting against. We as Westerners would never consider beheading a prisoner. Here is the link to Mike Savage's website which has past beheadings of innocent civilians-

    I wonder what would happen if the Western and Arab media gave half the coverage on how Western prisoners are treated as they gave on Gitmo. Hey Dan Rather, why don't you do a special one hour story on the comparison between A) beheadings, and B) 3 meals a day with a little interrogation, and some free time- I bet it would be quite the interesting story, it might even win you a Pulitzer or better yet, win back some credibility...

    Heck, we might as well make the Gitmo prisoners citizens! We've already given them more privileges than a regular State Pen. prisoner would have.

    A presto ragazzi!- Rick


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